For the New Homeschool Mama that's Afraid She's Going to Mess It All Up

There's so much pressure and so much to do. It can feel like a mountain you have to climb. 

You are afraid you are going to mess it all up. Fail your children. Not do everything you are supposed to do.

Listen, I get it. Sometimes I get the sinking feeling that I'm messing it all up. If I'm not careful, I can drown in this thought and fear grows within me and I can hardly breathe.

Take a deep breath with me right now, will you please?

A lot of these feelings and thoughts, they're self-inflicted. We lock ourselves in this cage of unmet personal expectations and short-comings.

Much of these thoughts come from this place of feeling inadequate. 

But, sweet mama, you are capable! 

You love your children and you want what's best for them. Because this is true, you are going to fight to give them the best education you can offer them. What that looks like will be different from family to family. 

You are strong.

You've got this grit and tenacity that is going to serve you well on this journey.

You can take it step by step so that it's not too overwhelming. One day at a time. One lesson at a time. For the good of yourself and your children.

Those precious children. Give them room to grow and fail and learn along the way. 

Your homeschool journey doesn't have to look perfect. 

Ours is quite messy a lot of the time. Growth doesn't always look like a perfectly inclining chart.

Learning is different for every child. And that's okay. Let's give them permission to set their own pace.

My friends, we've taken on a big responsibility. But is it also a joy and privilege. I encourage you to write down the reasons why you chose to homeschool and refer back to it during the hard moments or difficult days/weeks.

Don't lose sight of the big picture.

It will help keep you afloat when those fears and worries and negative spirals try to steal your joy and excitement. Focus on what is true instead.

You can do this!

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