Goal Setting for Busy Moms

Today I am beyond excited because I am starting a week-long series over on my YouTube channel called Goal Setting for Busy Moms.

I originally had this idea to develop an online course. I recorded the videos, set up the back-end, made printables, even had a couple of friends try it out. But it left me feeling like it was undone. It needed more work. It just wasn't right. Or maybe it wasn't the right platform?

Last month, the thought popped in my head to make this idea into a YouTube series instead. I got really excited about this because I'm really excited about the topic.

I have seen the power of goal setting in my own life and would love to share it with others. But sometimes we can think we are too busy to set goals or make progress on what matters to us.

Well, I hope this series convinces you otherwise.

You can find the first video here:

And be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss any of the videos this week!

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