November Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.

I feel an urgency. It's almost even come on all of sudden. But I feel this urgency to pour into my family in this last quarter of the year. I felt it some last month. But I feel it intensely this month. 

I want to end this year loving my family well.

Now, yes, that is one of my four goals for 2020. But I feel all the more to press into this goal during this last quarter of the year. God is impressing this on my heart heavily.

So, that's where I'm trying to devote a lot of my time.

This is going to look different for different people and in different seasons of your life. But do you feel it? This year has brought much clarity. We know now more than ever what is most important to us.

So, press in.

Wherever God is calling you right now, dive in headfirst and give it all you've got.

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for November:

(p.s. if you'd rather watch me explain my goals instead of reading it yourself below, I posted a video today on YouTube explaining my goals. Click here or scroll to the bottom of this post for the embedded video.)

Daily Goals

  • Word before World | This goal is growing so well. I feel it in my heart. This closeness and reliance on God for my daily strength through the power of His Word.
  • Read | I am so encouraged by reading during the day. I want to continue this goal as it does wonders for my well-being. 

Weekly Goals

  • Family Fun/Bucket List | I feel this difference in our family. A closeness. A shared experience of creating memories together. Honestly, it's beautiful and heartwarming and I want to keep pouring into these people I love so dearly.
  • Spend time with the kids individually | I'm seeing a change here as well. Especially with my 13-year-old daughter. This simple weekly habit is forming a foundation that I pray lasts forever.
  • Homeschool Encouragement | This is a slightly different goal. I've been having a goal of listening to a homeschool podcast each week. But, I've been noticing that I'm getting encouragement from YouTube videos as well. So I want to open up this goal to include podcasts or videos. Either way, I'm still receiving the much-needed encouragement to keep going and stay strong and encouraged,
  • Date Night In | The show I watch with my husband (The Good Doctor) is coming back this week. So we are going to revive our date night in. This is time to enjoy one another's company while we enjoy watching TV together.

Monthly Goals

  • Have a date with Michael | This goal is so important to me because I love having a chunk of time to devote to my husband and get that attention returned as well. It does good for our marriage to have this time together.
  • YouTube/Blog Brainstorm Session | This has been a great goal to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper for this blog as well as my YouTube channel.
  • Poetry Tea Time | This will be our second month bringing back Poetry Tea Time. We will hopefully do it on the first Thursday of each month. It is a fun time to spend together.
  • Finish "Treasuring God in Our Traditions" | I started this book recently, but I really want to finish it before we enter this major holiday season. 
  • Prepare Christmas Cards to send out | I've already got them ordered and waiting to be addressed or labeled for hand-delivery. It will just make December less stressful to get that piece done this month.
  • Have a Thanksgiving Feast | This year will look different, but I want to celebrate the season still. So we will have a feast, as normal. It will simply look different.
  • Go to the Dentist | I've already got my appointment made. I just need to follow through!

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