December Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.

To be honest, I'm kind of in a downswing and struggling a little bit right now. I really want to finish this year strong. So I'm going to press forward. But here's my plan for getting through each day: lean into my routines.

Routines are the magic behind how my house operates.

So, even when I'm depressed and struggling, I can count on our routines to keep us going.

Now, I may simplify some things here and there. But we are still mostly getting done what needs to be done and making it.

And I am still hopeful that I can finish the year strong and enjoy the season despite not feeling like my best self right now.

God is good and He will help me get through.

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for December:

Daily Goals

  • Word before World | This goal is growing good and I'm excited to finish the year in the Word.
  • Read | I am hoping to get back at this goal this month. Last month was not a good reading month for me.
  • 2 Water Tumblers | I have fallen out of my water habit and I need to pick it back up pronto! I feel so much better when I'm drinking water throughout the day.
  • Advent Reading | I am reading through The 25 Days of Christmas this year.
  • Write the Word | I am joining in with Cultivate What Matters and Proverbs 31 Ministries for the Write the Word challenge, it ends shortly before Christmas.

Weekly Goals

  • Family Fun/Bucket List | We have almost finished our fall bucket list, so we will need to get creative and in the holiday spirit with our family fun activities this month.
  • Spend time with the kids individually | This is such a good goal for me. It is doing great things for my relationship with my kids.
  • Homeschool Encouragement | This goal is so good for my heart and helps me not grow weary in this work.
  • Publish new content online | I love to write and I'd like to be more intentional about publishing new content. This will be through my blog, right here, or through my YouTube channel. I'm planning to evaluate this month what these two avenues will look like in the new year.

Monthly Goals

  • YouTube/Blog Brainstorm Session | This is a good goal to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper.
  • Poetry Tea Time | Love this goal. It is such a sweet and fun time together. We actually already did our poetry tea time this past Thursday. So one goal already done!
  • Finish "Treasuring God in Our Traditions" | I really want to finish this one by Christmas.
  • Send out Christmas cards | I've actually already accomplished this goal! Yay! Two goals checked off already.
  • Attend Cultivate Your Year Live | I'm really excited to attend this online event TODAY and gain wisdom and encouragement from the Cultivate What Matters ladies as I work through my Powersheets prep work and set goals for the new year.
  • Wrap presents early | I'm going to get this goal done very soon so that is one less thing I have to worry about as the month progresses.
  • Make winter bucket list | We do really well with these seasonal bucket lists, so I'm going to sit down with everyone and brainstorm what we want to do this winter.
  • Celebrate Christmas | This will, like Thanksgiving, look different this year. But we will celebrate nevertheless and enjoy our time together.
  • Usher in 2021 with Grace | I want to usher in this new year with grace and gentleness and excited expectation to see what the Lord will do.
  • Baking Day | This is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. We spend Christmas Eve baking together. We brainstorm what we want to bake and pretty much spend the whole day in the kitchen. It's so fun!

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