An Encouragement for the Often Overwhelmed Mama


I mentioned in my February goals post that I am starting a Bible Study on Romans from The Daily Grace Co with a friend.

Well, last week I was faced with a question that made me pause. After writing the three phrases Paul uses to describe himself, I was then asked to write what three phrases I would use to describe myself.


Then I thought, do I choose to describe myself as the roles I hold? Wife, mother, sister, friend?

This is usually how I describe myself:

I'm Ashley! I've got four kids and I homeschool. Nice to meet you.

So I started there. My most defining role in this season is that of a mother. Literally, all day long that role consumes my actions and thoughts. You've seen the memes of children constantly calling out to their moms for help. It's my general reality.

Well, how else would I describe myself? I thought of how most people would describe me when encountering me, especially at first.

Friendly and kind came to mind. I find great pleasure and pride in the way I interact with people. Smiling as I walk past. Being polite and friendly. Showing kindness when I can.

And then, the most brutally honest piece of my description popped in my mind and I knew it probably held most true: often overwhelmed. This is a place where I find myself regularly.

My daily habits help me get through without the house falling to pieces, school is getting done, but beyond that, I'm often weary and worn out and overwhelmed with life. 

I'm struggling to get much else done besides the essentials. Even this blog post has taken over a week to do once getting started. I've been doing it in spurts here and there when I find the energy and ability to focus and put the words out there.

I could get stuck here, feeling like a failure, and life is never going to change. But that's simply not true. I'm not failing. And life is simply very full right now. And for some reason, I have a smaller capacity than I have had in seasons past.

But I've got some other encouragement too, friends:

This place, right smack dab in the middle of our overwhelm, is an opportunity for God to shine through us. 

When we don't have the strength to get through, He gives us the strength. And we can point to Him for the strength He gives and our ability to get through.

Although I'm often overwhelmed. I'm at peace most of the time. I know that this is just a season. And seasons eventually come to an end and a new one is ushered in.

I'm also using this as an opportunity to trust God and where He has placed me right now. 

It may not look like how I imagined, but I know there is good here. And I am going to do my best to be faithful in the everyday ordinariness of this moment.

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