January in Review

Toward the end of each month, I post a review of my goals, what I'm currently reading, a homeschool update, YouTube videos from that month, as well as other tidbits of information. I hope you like these monthly posts, they are usually well received. Let me know if you'd like to see other information in this roundup!

January Goals

You can find all of my 2021 goals here. Here are my January goals with updates.
  • Daily: Word Before World | This goal continues to grow well. I'm going to shift this coming month to a more intensive Bible Study, though, so I'm going to let go of this goal for the time being.
  • Daily: Walk | I challenged myself to walk 50 miles in the first quarter of the year, and I did not get off to a good start. I only went on a walk a few times. Boo!
  • Daily: 12 Hour Social Media Challenge | I achieved this goal every single day. I can hardly believe it. I stayed off social media from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm during the week.
  • Weekly: Family Fun or Bucket List | We were able to do something each week together. I love the continued closeness that this goal is developing.
  • Weekly: Spend time with each child individually | I was able to achieve this goal as best as I could. We are in a weird place as a family. So it was different that I am used to.
  • Weekly: Homeschool Encouragement | I achieved this goal each week. As a reminder, that means listening to a homeschool podcast or watching a homeschool video on YouTube. This provides great encouragement to me!
  • Weekly: Have Fun in our Homeschool | We were able to add something extra and fun to our homeschool half of the time. Not bad for a new goal.
  • Monthly: Decorate the house after Christmas | I achieved this goal and had fun doing it!
  • Monthly: Celebrate my Birthday | How fun it was to celebrate my Birthday!
  • Monthly: Celebrate Jazmine's Birthday | We didn't get to celebrate as I had hoped, but we did the best we could.
  • Monthly: Refinance the house | Done! And so excited about it!

Currently Reading

  • Simply Sacred | This is the devotional I'm using this year.
  • In His Image | I'm enjoying this book so far. Such good truths!
  • Gentle and Lowly | I just started this one last night, but I'm so excited to dive in. I've heard great things!

Homeschool News

  • We are almost done with our 4th term. This is the last week of our 4th term. I can hardly believe it! I am loving our schedule this year and the simplicity of the rhythm (6 weeks on then 1 week off). It has been perfect for us this year.
  • We have "entered" Asia! As a reminder, we are studying all about different countries and cultures this year. We are finishing Saudi Arabia this week and then move to India after our break.
  • We have really found a good groove. We will see what February holds (historically a difficult month for many homeschool families). But I'm hopeful that our groove will stay strong.

YouTube Videos

  • No new videos. I have unintentionally continued a YouTube break. I'm managing lots of hats at home right now and just haven't had the bandwidth to create new videos.

My Favorite Things

  • The Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt from Panera Bread. This sandwich is so delicious! I had it multiple times this month because I couldn't get enough of it!!! 
  • Bri McKoy on Instagram Stories. She is like a ray of sunshine!!!
  • The brownies from Costco. My neighbor shared the new (I think?) brownies from Costco with us a couple of days ago. Ummm...yum! They were delicious!

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